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Everything is

We are not looking at things in a linear, one dimensional way – everything matters, everything is connected, everything is either a cause or an effect.

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Everything is Connected

It’s great to have calorie, step, exercise or sleep trackers, but they are only giving you a one dimensional point of view. We are taking a new approach: data connections and relationships. What you eat and drink is related to your exercise performance and your energy, productivity levels and mood throughout the day, but also your sleep throughout the night. Sleep again impacts the next day, what you consume and how you react to it. It’s like a web, a chain of interconnected actions and reactions, where everything can be an influencer. Vilo will enable you to see those connections clearly. You will discover what makes you happy, what makes you productive, what increases your exercise performance, what influences your sex drive, what makes you feel depressed, what causes your low quality of sleep, what gives you a stomach ache, what spikes your blood sugar level, what makes you anxious … it will unlock your past so that you can use the information to improve your life.

The Four Dimensions of Using Vilo





Observe by logging – build your own personal database

Logging is critical – without input there is no output, without data no result. Logging is the least fun and most time consuming so we are keeping it simple. Commit and reap the rewards. Taking note is the first step to creating awareness.

Reflect by looking closer – unlock the power of data connections

Experiences and feelings are not passive events. An action provokes a reaction. We are always in the drivers seat.

Define your search criteria and choose to find a cause or an effect.

Community Causality

Community Causality

OPT IN! Community will give you an unparalleled look into the Vilo user community anonymized data. Use the demographics filter to make your global analysis more targeted.

You will discover what makes other people happy, what drives their performance, how their bodies and minds react to foods, drinks, supplements, medications, what influences their sleep quality and so much more. It is a direct window into the world of unlimited data connections and relationships. Open it! A whole new world of insight awaits you.

Not only does community causality analysis improve your own life, if you opt in, your anonymized data contributions will help so many others on the same of similar path, trying to tackle the same or similar challenges. You will help scientific progress, and you will play a role in making society happier and healthier as a whole, as people continue to discover more about themselves and their body-mind connections using the Vilo App.

Thank you!

Michael Staininger

CEO and Founder

Alessandro Lenzi


Discover by finding influencers – use the causality reports to make better choices

Vilo shows you influencers. By looking at all the data in your entire log history and connecting everything, Vilo will discover what has a positive impact and what has a negative impact on your body and mind.

Improve by taking action – infuse your life with the positive influencers and cut the negative

The customizable personal assistant is always there to guide you along the way.


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